Terms and Conditions

Please read very carefully. 

By signing up to classes with Lauren Elise, it is assumed you (The Participant) have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. You will not be permitted to participate in classes without doing so. If you find yourself unable to agree with the below terms and conditions, we recommend you do not book into classes. Lauren Elise reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time (last updated - 20/04/2020).​​


Booking & Memberships

• All Participants in classes with Lauren Elise are required to complete a PAR-Q and informed consent form prior to purchasing a class. This needs to be filled in completely and to the best of your knowledge. If any information changes during your time with Lauren Elise you will be required to notify her.

• All classes are available on a first come, first serve basis

• Members may attend any class within or below their current ability level, throughout the week. Members must not attend a class which is higher than their current ability level unless invited by their Instructor.

• All classes are non-refundable, with the exception of classes cancelled by Lauren Elise. By booking it is assumed you have read the Terms & Conditions and class descriptions prior to booking.

• If booking multiple classes please make a note of what you have booked. You will receive email notifications of each class.

• Lauren Elise reserves the right to periodically increasing prices. Price changes will be announced in advance on the website, Facebook and/or by email.



• If you cannot attend your booked class, please ensure you have removed yourself from the class on the booking page to open the space up to another Member/Participant on the wait list. ​

• There is a 24-hour transfer policy if you cannot make your booked class. If cancelling more than 24 hours before the class, you will be given the option to transfer your booking. If cancelling within 24 hours of the class, your booking will be lost, and you will not be able to transfer this to another date.

• In the event of cancellation by Lauren Elise, you will be made aware as soon as possible via email. You will be given the option of a refund or a transfer.


Personal Data

• AllParticipants in activities with Lauren Elise are required to complete a PAR-Q and informed consent form prior to joining. This needs to be filled in completely and to the best of your knowledge. If any information changes during your time with Lauren Elise you will be required to make her aware.

​• You can read our full Private Policy on our website. It is assumed you have read and understood our Private Policy as part of these Terms & Conditions.


• Participants will be invited to opt in to receiving email updates where we will occasionally send out information on upcoming classes, workshops, and discounts. If you opt to sign up, then change your mind you can unsubscribe at any point. This is optional, and we are fully compliant with GDPR regulations.


• Participation in classes and workshops with Lauren Elise is fully at the Participant’s own risk. By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, the Participant declares he/she/they are aware and accept the risks. Lauren Elise is not liable for any injuries, damages or losses due to participation in any classes or workshops​

Pregnancy / Post Natal

​​• Unfortunately Lauren Elise is not able to teach anyone who is pregnant for insurance reasons. We ask that students be open and honest about pregnancy as soon as they find out for the safety of yourself and your baby. You are not recommended to pole dance if you are pregnant. If you choose to continue classes after this time, you do so at your own risk.​

• You must be signed off by your doctor as fit to exercise, 6 weeks post natural birth, 10 weeks post c-section, before you can participate.



• I confirm I am aged 16 or above​

• I understand that Lauren Elise will always work with my best interest in mind.​

• I agree to inform Lauren Elise of any injury or circumstances which may put myself or others at risk, while attending/participating in lessons.

​• I will always be respectful and supportive to the instructor and other students. Lauren Elise has ZERO TOLERANCE of inappropriate/abusive behaviour of any kind and you will be removed from classes with no refund.​

I understand that pole dancing/fitness is a potentially dangerous sport. I agree to practice safely within the boundaries of my own capabilities as advised by my instructor. Involvement in pole dancing/fitness and related activities carries a significant risk of damage to property, personal injury or death. Participation is at my own risk. I understand that participation in this sport has potential dangers and that I take full and sole responsibility for my actions and safety.

Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

I have read, understood and accept the agreement and Terms & Conditions outlined above.​